Fighting Vipers JPN ( Sega Saturn )

  • i really love this fighting game on my Sega Saturn it is not very expensive if you buy the Japan Version and the Japan Version features one hidden character "Pepsi Man" that the PAL and US Version misses another hidden character is Kumachan a big teddybear. So get the Japan Version of this game for a higher frame rate and bonus characters.
    Recorded over Elgato Game Capture over composite cable.
    Fighting Vipers is a very good 3D fighting video game developed by Sega AM2 Studios. It is based on the same gameengine of Virtua Fighter 2 but features enclosed arenas and an armor mechanic, and was targeted more towards western audiences, using a U.S. setting and more freeform styles of martial arts.
    From Wikipedia :
    The game was a arcade game in 1995 on the original Sega Model 2 hardware and became one of the highest grossing arcade games of 1996. That year, the game was ported to the Sega Saturn, and then again to PlayStation Network & Xbox Live Arcade in 2012. The Saturn version was one of the most high profile games in the system's 1996 holiday lineup, and was met with positive reviews.

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